Candles and Gods


The crimson candle reflects the love and passion of APHRODITE; providing a beautiful fruity bergamot aroma, your inner goddess will be revitalised. With hints of sandalwood, this candle perfectly complements the desires of love, beauty and passion.


This wild lime handcrafted glass represents the complex and admired Greek God APOLLO. The god of healing, music, and archery is matched through the luxurious and fruity mix of kiwi, mango, grapefruit and banana. A passion for music, light and knowledge will guide you to this beautiful candle.


The jet-black candle has rich tones of frankincense and myrrh. The powerful and strong ancient Greek God of war is contrasted with the tranquillity this aroma brings to the senses. If courage, order, and strength ring true to you, ARES has met his match.


Our favoured goddess ARTEMIS, embodied by a wonderfully wild forest green candle, encapsulates the essence of the wilderness and the moon. Let yourself be taken to a place of peace through the combination of pine, eucalyptus, citrus lemon, green leaf, and flora-land. Sparking strength and femininity, ARTEMIS is a powerful force to be reckoned with.


This soft white candle devoted to the beautiful goddess ATHENA, will leave you inspired to make the most of every day. The mixture of floral orange and sweet vanilla encourages wisdom and inspiration.


If you need to take some time off to unwind, CHRONOS, named after the primordial God of Time, will leave you feeling serene. Hints of chamomile, black, sea salt and leafy green will spark creation and serenity in your world.


The beautiful lotus blossom scent matched with the violet mauve handcrafted glass, is perfect for the romantic or empowered woman. Blessed by HERA, Goddess of Women, Marriage, the Sky and Stars, this candle will fill you with a sense of strength and empowerment.




The burnt orange tangerine candle, named after the ancient Greek God of Trade and Eloquence. Also known as the Messenger of the Gods, the sweet balance of lime and coconut will give a distinct, yet subtle aroma pefect for any household. If you’re feeling lucky, HERMAHAS  is for you.


The lively, sweet lychee and peony scent of this candle is inspired by the gorgeous Goddess of the Rainbow. The orchid purple glass jar brings a touch of life and joy to your place of relaxation. Dreaming of rainbows, beauty and joy? Claim IRIS as yours.



NAIKI, the goddess of victory, is brought to life through a gorgeous tone of Mykonos blue, embracing the perfection of this inspirational goddess. Let your senses vividly recognise the beautiful berry citrus aroma. Strength, victory and peace demand your attention.


The violent and powerful God of the Sea. If the ocean is your second home, you will adore the lovely combination of honeydew, coconut melon, berry and vanilla. The dazzling blue hand-blown glass jar will demand a strong position in its placement. If you love the ocean, storms and power, POSEIDON calls.


Celebrate the powerful chief Greek God of Sky and Thunder with this gorgeous teal candle. The cinnamon aroma is subtle yet distinct and leaves a sense of supreme sweetness. Choose ZEUS if you love rain, rule, and desire confidence.