About Us

Hand poured Luxury candles created and Designed in Sydney, NSW. Made of 100% soy wax.

My theme behind the Candles are the Greek Gods and Goddesses GREEK MYTHOLOGY. 12 Gods overall, 12 scents to accompany. Each scent is created specifically for each god and 12 different colours for the Jars.

Each god and goddess are associated with specific aspects of life, and all are made with 100% soy wax. 

The jars are hand blown, nothing is mass produced. All jars slightly vary in shape and volume due to the personal customisation we undertake with every Jar. All of  our candles here at Artemis Candles have wooden wicks which crackle when burning for that natural and relaxing sound, all our candles burn for more than 80hrs and they are Palm oil free with NO pesticides.


Katrina Nikolaou

Co-founder /creative director /CEO Born and raised in Sydney. Graduated with a Diploma in Fashion Lives in Sydney with her two sons and her Partner.

She always had the passion to be creative, and inspiration comes from her Greek heritage and from influences she has found in her life.